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Orthodontics can be used to straighten your teeth, either using tray aligners or more traditional fixed braces. We often recommend that patients with crooked or misaligned teeth have orthodontic treatment prior to having composite veneers or teeth whitening, and the results can be outstanding.

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Before and After

This patient had crooked teeth and wanted them straightening. Treatment was a course of clear aligners to both upper and lower arches and the result was fantastic.

The patient was unhappy with his smile having crowded, crooked and mis-aligned teeth. Short term orthodontic treatment (fixed braces) to both upper and lower teeth transformed his smile.

The patient was unhappy with their yellow, crooked teeth. A combination of short term orthodontics (fixed braces), teeth whitening, and hygiene appointments, brightened and aligned the teeth.


Perceptions about braces have changed and so have the treatments

At Carew Dental we appreciate that braces were once seen as teenager ‘train tracks’, however treatments and perceptions have moved on, and adults regularly undergo orthodontic treatments.

We use discreet clear aligners, or tooth-coloured ceramic fixed braces, which are minimally visible and provide excellent results in a relatively short timeframe of 3 to 9 months. The type of braces we use will depend on the correction we wish to achieve as well as your personal preferences.


Clear Aligners

Clear aligners fit almost invisibly over your teeth and exert a gentle pressure on the teeth over time. The pressure is able to move the teeth to correct minor issues for the front upper and/or lower teeth, all with minimal discomfort.

Clear aligners treatments typical take between 3 to 6 months.

Fixed Ceramic Braces

Fixed ceramic braces are the modern-day equivalent to metal, conventional fixed braces. The ceramic braces we use at Carew Dental are tooth-coloured, with tooth-coloured wires and bands and blend into the teeth, keeping your treatment as discreet and unobtrusive as possible.

Each brace is made up of individual brackets fixed to each tooth and threaded with a titanium wire that exerts a subtle pressure to realign your teeth over the course of 3 to 9 months.

To fit your brace we clean each tooth, before individually fitting each bracket, then thread a wire through all of the brackets and secure in place with clear elastics, designed to put pressure onto the teeth. Over the course of the treatment we will need to see you at regular intervals to replace the wire and elastics, to keep moving the teeth into the desired position.

Once the teeth are correctly positioned the brace will be removed and the teeth polished. You will also be provided with a clear retainer to help keep the teeth in position. Initially the retainer should be worn day and night, then after several months you will be able to wear it overnight only.

Sometimes, adult teeth will require a fixed retainer after orthodontic treatment. This is where a thin wire is attached permanently to the back of the teeth to hold them in the desired position. The wire is very discreet and unnoticeable to anybody but yourself.

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