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General dentistry is enormously important for maintaining the health of your mouth, gums and teeth, and whether you join one of our care plans for discounted year-round care, or prefer to pay-as-you go, we’ve got you covered.

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Before and After

This patient had a build-up of staining, plaque and tartar. A course of hygiene treatment revitalised his smile, and advice was provided to help him maintain good oral hygiene between visits.


Your routine dental health check should be carried out at least once a year (more regularly if you have poor oral health) as it is vitally important for identifying oral health problems such as disease, tooth decay, and even cancer.

A routine dental health check at Carew Dental includes an inspection of the tissues of your head and neck, jaw joints, mouth, teeth, and gums. As well as taking x-rays to check your teeth, any cavities, and other abnormalities such as bone loss. This information informs us about your oral health and allows us to create your personal dental health plan. We can then discuss and provide any necessary treatments to improve your oral health.

Regularly we find the following restorative treatments are necessary:

  • Fillings: to treat holes, called cavities and caries, in the teeth.
  • Root canal (endodontic) treatments: to remove infected nerves and restore the teeth.
  • Tooth extractions: only when absolutely necessary, we always discuss options for closing the gap, such as placing a denture, bridge or implant.


Hygienist “scale and polish” appointments

Preventative treatment is the best way to help you look after your oral health and prevent diseases before they arise or become too problematic. For example, tooth loss is commonly caused by decay and gum disease and can be prevented with the right treatment.

Your preventative treatment is carried out by our hygienists, where they will perform a ‘scale and polish’, professionally cleaning and polishing your teeth to remove any plaque and tartar that has built up. During your appointment our hygienists will also discuss your oral hygiene, diet, brushing and flossing techniques, and offer advice on which toothbrushes might be best for you.

Our aim is to help you to improve and maintain your oral health at a good level, and we suggest you should see our hygienists 2 to 4 times per year.


Care plans

Take control of your oral health regime by becoming a member of a dental health care plan. We have teamed up with Practice Plan to offer discounted care plans with added benefits!

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